Crestwood Christian Fellowship’s Ministries


Showers of Blessing

Are you aware there is a ministry here in town providing showers and haircuts to the homeless and poor of our community?  Yes, this was the innovation of Crestwood. It is called Showers of Blessing.

Morning Star Laundry

CRESTWOOD HAS INSTITUTED THIS FREE SELF-SERVE LAUNDRY SERVICE to provide the homeless and poor in an effort to help these individuals and families to (1) protect the integrity of their clothing and bedding and (2) combat molds, bacteria and allergens that can affect their health, and (3) give them dignity in their appearance as they socialize and look for work.

Words of Wisdom

While reaching out to the youth in our community, both believers and non-believers, we strive to unite together, teach the Word of Christ and do the work of God in HOPE to lead others to salvation.