CRESTWOOD HAS INSTITUTED THIS FREE HOME MINISTRY to provide for those who recently moved into a home but have no furnishings to go in it.  With near to brand new items, you get help getting back on your feet with basics such as towels and dishes to full furnishings such as living room, bedroom, and dining room sets.

Mission Statement:
Seeking to show God’s love through service as we provide our re-housed homeless with free essential furnishings in a place they will now call “My Home”.

*A house without furniture is not a home.*

A home is a place that provides warmth, familiarity and a sense of security. It’s furniture and furnishings and decorative touches, provided a sense of personal identity.

Too many return to the familiarity of the streets.  With our donations and
partnership, we can reduce the numbers of families returning to homelessness and produce long-term housing results.  We believe that helping with these furnishings is a very basic form of homeless prevention
as a furnished dwelling becomes personal and comforting.

*All donations/contributions are tax deductible. *

Meet some of the recent individuals this ministry has had the blessings to serve