Founding Pastor Dennis

By far the question I get asked the most is, ”What makes Crestwood different than other churches? ”That is a great question and one I love to answer. What makes Crestwood not just different, but unique, is that we are an all-volunteer church. The money that would have gone to salaries we use to help people take a step forward in life, and then take a step closer to God. Invariably the response I hear is, “That’s the way the church is supposed to be.” I could not agree more!

As you look around Santa Maria you see lots of Christian churches with great people. Why consider Crestwood Christian Fellowship? Who needs another church? Why Crestwood? 

I’m glad you asked.  First, it is interesting to know the reason there are so many Christian churches is because there are many different kinds of people.  No single church appeals to everyone. Therefore God, in His wisdom, creates diversity and variety – all for us. If you have any doubts or questions about that, just look around. Look at all the different kinds of people, trees, fish, animals, insects, and even snowflakes ~ you get the point.

However while Crestwood may look like other Christian churches on the outside – you will find distinct differences and the best way to see and experience them is to come check us out.  Let’s take a peek:

The majority of churches in the community spend most of their money on salaries and facilities. That amount is upward of 70% of the money being given by the church members/visitors.  There is often very little money left to help the people coming for financial help to those churches.  The question we asked ourselves is, “What if we all served God for free?  What if we then took this money to share the Good News of Jesus and take care of the poor?”  The answer was “Let’s do church differently.”  

Now here we are since November 2009, a non-salaried, all volunteer church of every age and every walk of life.  We have several pastors, a few elders, leaders of every type, and huge hearts of every color and ability.  After we pay the rent and utilities, we take the rest of funds and care for needs such as shelter, food, clothing, medications, transportation, schooling, eyeglasses, and more.  

We “teach and meet needs”.  There are many local churches doing a beautiful job at women’s events, men’s gatherings, youth outings and more but we see that our purpose and mission is to meet the needs of the poor and so we have chosen to use our resources, both financially and volunteers, in a concentrated and focused way to introduce them and bring them to God.  This involves everyone from child to adult to get involved.  We are everyday people who see a different way to make a difference.

At Crestwood we have placed the highest value on the Bible without which we would never be able to know God or His plan for mankind. Our goal is to impress an audience of One. Teachings are directly out of the bible every Sunday.  We do not do topical teaching.

We know this does not appeal to everyone, but we  hope it appeals to you. If you want to be part of something different, unique, and special – then Crestwood is your home.

Now the question might be, “Why not Crestwood?”