This morning brought an interesting twist to it. I was reading a section from a book and thought it would be great for a blog. The book reported that Billy Graham’s wife, Ruth who passed away in 2007, gave some thought to what would go on her tombstone. On day she was driving when she came upon a lot or road construction, complete with bumps in the road, warning signs, and detours. At the end of it she saw a sign that read, “End of construction. Thank you for your patience.” That’s what she had engraved on her tombstone!

I sat here thinking, what a great way to look at life. She did not see herself as a great person – although she was – she saw herself as a normal human person being shaped by God on a daily basis, needing the grace an understanding of her family and friends as she grew. We are all under construction, and life is full of bumps and detours. One day construction will end, and God’s work in us will be completed. And how thankful we should all be for those around us who love us and are patient with us as we work out life.

Moments after reading that, I was notified that Billy Graham passed away this morning at 99 years of age. Now I wonder what will be on his tombstone? 

Thank you for your patience,